Recovery as a Service means Site Resiliency

Data management is an increasingly important business imperative. It is essential that you utilize practical, low-cost IT solutions to ensure data integrity and recoverability. Without such solutions, you run the risk of losing important data on customers, suppliers and sales, which could cause significant damage to your firm’s bottom line.More important than having a disaster recovery plan is avoiding such disasters in the first place.

This is why many companies are turning to Unified Technologies to help protect their data. UT has developed an entire “Site Resiliency” business practice, an entirely new solution to the problems of ensuring data integrity and data recovery. This solution employs Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) which allows companies to take advantage of advanced cloud computing resources. Site Resiliency means:

  • More frequent backups and increased versions of your files that can be restored
  • Instant access to backed up files either at your facility or in the cloud
  • Immediate ability to restore entire servers (again, either locally or in the cloud). Never have to wait for a repair part again!
  • The ability to continue delivering your services to clients even if your building is destroyed or inaccessible

Unified Technologies will customize its RaaS solution to the unique specifications that your business requires. With this you will be able to unify your data backup, recovery and archiving systems. Save money. Save time.

You can’t afford to recover from a disaster. You have to do better than that by staying in business and working through a disaster. That’s where UT can help.

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