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Unified Technologies partners with the highest quality and experienced companies to deliver the most comprehensive, enterprise wide Recovery-as-a-Service solutions.

Continuum is redefining end-to-end support in delivering optimal managed services uptime by combining intelligent remote monitoring and management with advanced backup and disaster recovery in a new integrated solution.

With Continuum Vault, you can benefit from a complete end-to-end business continuity solution that ensures the protection and recovery of critical business data stored on Microsoft Windows Servers and Desktops. Leveraging industry-leading technology, Continuum Vault provides continuous backup snapshots based on a granular schedule and retention policy that is highly configurable. Snapshots are instantly virtualized allowing the recovery of files, folders, even data in Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint to occur in minutes – not days, weeks or months.

All data backed up by Continuum Vault is also replicated offsite to the cloud, so you and your customers can have the peace of mind that business continuity will be maintained even in a disaster scenario.

Continuum Vault leverages industry-leading technology powered by Datto and is composed of four key components:

  • Continuum Server/Desktop Vault offers the ability to backup critical business data in highly configurable snapshots that are stored as virtual (VMDK) images on the Vault BDR appliance. Advanced de-duplication and compression are also in place to minimize disk space.
  • Continuum Vault Appliance offers granular snapshot and retention policies that can be configured as the business requires. The virtual snapshots can be turned on in seconds to offer file level restore, including support for both Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint. Scheduled screenshot verifications of backups are available and bare metal restores to dissimilar hardware are handled with ease. The appliance is shipped directly from our selected vendors, pre-configured and ready to go.
  • Continuum Cloud Vault provides full cloud replication and instant off-site virtualization. All data is encrypted and stored in bicoastal SAS 70 Type II, HIPAA-compliant data centers.
  • Continuum Remote Monitoring and Management support is included for the Vault BDR appliance and is also available for all protected servers and desktops.

nScaled has created a Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution that lets companies replace their backup, business continuity, disaster recovery and archiving solutions with a single, integrated platform. The nScaled approach provides protection and recovery for:

  • Data (files and databases)
  • Servers (OS, application, configuration and data)
  • Entire data centers

This is known as the nScaled Three Phase Workload Recovery Model – Local Backup | Remote Backup | Data Archiving

All workloads (OS, application and data) are protected at three levels, based on the type of recovery that might be needed.

With nScaled, workloads automatically move through the three phases, based on customer policies, requiring no manual effort at all.

In the Local Recovery phase, workloads are snapshotted as often as every 15 minutes. Typically, a week’s worth of snapshots are saved. The snapshots are stored locally, on the Local Cloud Appliance (LCA).

Recovery of data or a single server does not require a failover to the cloud, and instead happens over the LAN for maximum speed and efficiency. The process is simple and customers do it themselves, with no need to declare a disaster and call nScaled.

Servers can be spun up as virtual machines inside the LCA to replace failed servers, or they can be mounted as storage devices for data recovery.

In the Remote Recovery phase, the snapshots are replicated from the local storage to the nScaled Remote Cloud Data Centers for offsite storage. This provides true DR protection, allowing customers to failover any and all of their servers to nScaled in the event that they lose their data center. nScaled Support is available 24×7 to assist.

In the Archiving phase, safe, economical long-term storage is provided for older snapshots. Archiving provides for data recovery only, and replaces existing backup solutions. Workloads can be archived for as long as needed by the customer, based on their policies and any regulations that may apply. Tapes and vault services, and all the costs and hassles involved with them, are a thing of the past.


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